Skillz Drum Team

Bart Heijman

Bart Heijman

Art and Graphics Design

I'm a freelance graphic designer currently living in Buchten, the Netherlands. I don't play any musical instruments myself but not a day goes by without thoroughly enjoying music. I also love attending concerts ranging from Pink Floyd or Tori Amos to Strapping Young Lad or Entombed. So yeah I consider music to be a passion.

Work at Skillz

I've known Bob since highschool so we go way back. Basically he's always harrassing me into getting things to look good. Which I do, which makes him comes back for more. It's a curse..

But in all seriousness, there are some pretty cool designs which I'm quite pleased with. Take the logo for instance. Bob and Dennis came to me back in early '11 with the name and the general lay-out idea which we then made into the logo you see today. I've brushed it up slightly now and then but the basic design will last use a lifetime.

Pretty much the same goes for the books and the website. Constant improvements are being made - hopefully without the user noticing much. But the basic design is something we're all proud of, and will surely serve many students for years to come.