Skillz Drum Team

Jelle Janssen

Jelle Janssen

Art, graphics design and production

I’m a design Major at the art academy of Breda and a bass player who enjoys a wide range of music as long as it grooves hard.

Work at Skillz

I got to know Bob and Skillz through my older brother Niels who was a teacher at Skillz Drum Academy at the time. Working on Level 1 and Sub 5 as a side project allowed me to further develop myself professionally while making a few bucks. Beats washing dishes!

As the master of all which is InDesign I am responsible for every one of the approximately 25000 hyperlinks in Level 1. Oh and let’s not forget the other 7000 in Sub 5. It was tedious at times, but if you get to work on a product which looks and feels this good it is definitely worth it. Besides that I have become ridiculously good at using InDesign.

I hope everyone has as much fun working out with the books as I had fun working on them, cheers!