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3D Image of the left side of the 3D Drumming System by Skillz Drum Lessons

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“Since even before using the Skillz Drum Lessons products I have been a student of the underlying principles taught by Bob for many years. I have studied multiple drum books and so called 'authentic systems'. The Skillz Products however describe the fundamental principles not only ridiculously fully, but also in a creative way that challenges me as a student to come up with creative applications. They are like a complete box of drum material all put together to the essentials and made understandable and interactive, challenging the drummer both mentally, physically and musically.

I highly recommend these products and I am glad to be participating in spreading the message.

Martijn | Skillz Drum Student

Engineer & Consultant Acoustics, Merford Noise Control

Did I mention?

Up to 50% Commission

What the pros of the pros say

This is what the teachers of the best drummers of today have to say about the 3D Drumming System

“I wish you nothing but success with your new project. Continuing the tradition of expanding the drum universe is something that I hope never ends. Please accept my best wishes for your project.”
Gary Chaffee | Master drummer, educator, author.

Teacher of master drummers such as Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Smith, Dave DiCenso and many more

"I have closely examined the drumbook/encyclopaedia (the 3D Drumming System), and I find it to be an exceptional work. It’s unique, clear and well thought out, and I highly recommend it to any drummer, looking for material from which to study."
Joel Rothman | World class drummer, educator, author

Author of more than 100 drum books.

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