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What to buy next for my drumming – Part 2- Drum set upgrades

What can you do to make your instrument sound better? How can you upgrade your drum set? If money is no issue you can just buy whatever you want and if you don’t like it you dispose of it. Sound familiar? Not to me. And it certainly wasn’t like this when I was just...

Why do I need a drum hero?

First let me start by answering the question of why you need a drum hero immediately: It motivates the heck out of you. I always try to get students to get into some type of music more heavily. After that they most often find one or more drum heroes. What this does is...

Drummer hand injuries

This article will be about typical drummer hand injuries. I will cover the types of injuries, how we can deal with them, and how we can prevent them as best we can. By the end of this article you’ll know things like how to spot a hand injury coming up, how we can cure...

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