If you want to use our products on an iPad or iPhone see How to download your Skillz Drum Lessons products to iPad or iPhone For your optimal user experience we advise downloading our digital books 3D and Sub 5 to a device with a screen size of 12" or more. The books will be fully functional on any device, as long as a pdf reader is installed, but they may not be displayed correctly.


Welcome to this tutorial on how to start enjoying your Skillz Drum Lessons (SDL) Products in 5 easy steps. It's really easy if you know where to look.

For your convenience start by opening a new browser tab by clicking Control + T or CMD + T on Mac. This way you can switch between screens.


1. Login


Login to your account by clicking the Login button or this direct link:

Login (Link will open in new tab.)


Skillz Drum Lessons Login Page


Already logged in? Go to step 2.


2. "Start"


You're now on the "Start" page of the Members Area:


Skillz Drum Lessons Members Area Menu Start Page


Click either "Getting Started" or the "My Skillz" Button:


Skillz Drum Lessons Members Area Menu Start Page 02


Now click either of the "Downloads" links:


Skillz Drum Lessons Members Area Menu Start Page How to Download Links



*When logged in, you can always return here by clicking "Start" in the Members Area Menu.


3. Click hyperlink


You're now in "My Downloads". To download your products simply click on the orange hyperlink(s). The download will start automatically.

*If for whatever reason your download gets interrupted you can safely resume the download. You may also discard this and start a new download.


Skillz Drum Lessons Members Area My Downloads Page


*If you don't see the desired download you probably don't have authorization yet. Simply follow the route to purchase your desired Product/Membership. If you have purchased but still can't download please let us know right away using the emergency link:


Skillz Drum Lessons Members Area Emergency Button

4. Locating download


When the download has finished go to your Download Folder. If you can't find where your download is just do a search on your computer for "Skillz". This should take you right to it.

5. Unpacking download


The downloaded file is a .zip file.

Simply right click the .zip file. Now you can select the folder in which you want to keep your Skillz Book(s)*. (Desktop would probably most convenient.)


Preview can open pdf files but will NOT display our books correctly so you need a dedicated pdf reader. We use Adobe Reader but any dedicated pdf viewer will do.

Start Studying Smart


That's it! You should now be able to start enjoying your Skillz Drum Products so happy drumming!!

If something is wrong you can always hit the Emergency button under My Skillz.


Skillz Drum Lessons Members Area Emergency Button

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