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For your optimal user experience we advise downloading our digital books Level 1 and Sub 5 to a device with a screen size of 12" or more. The books will be fully functional on any device, as long as a pdf reader is installed, but they may not be displayed correctly.


Here are some handy pdf tips to help you navigate through the 3D Drumming System and Sub 5. These are some time savers to help you concentrate on your drumming.



System requirements


There are no absolute minimal requirements to be able to open this pdf, but the better your system is, the better this book will perform. So if your system is fairly old the book may feel sluggish and non-responsive.


These pdf tips may not work on your device's default reader so be sure to instal a dedicated reader like the Adobe Reader or one of the many alternatives.



1. MacBook and Preview


We strongly recommend to NOT USE Preview. Instead try installing the latest version of a PDF Reader of your choice to get the best results in both appearance and functionality.

If you’re working on an older MacBook we’ve found that opening the file in Preview makes it a little less sluggish. But you will lose some functionality.

As a bonus. in most PDF readers nowadays you can also add comments and little notes (sticky notes), so you can personalize your version of the book.

2. Full screen mode


To view the book as intended we suggest viewing it in Full Screen mode:

Windows: Ctrl + L

Mac: CMD + L (Mac Preview + Shift + Full, then press the Full Screen icon. You won’t have the full functionality like this though.)

Ubuntu: Ctrl + Shift + J

3. Toggle between programs


When viewing this pdf in Full Screen mode it’s convenient to be able to switch between top-level windows, f.i Audio on the YouTube pages, or your browser to view MIDI on the website.

Windows & Ubuntu: Alt + Tab

Mac: CMD + Tab

4. Search function


We’ve chosen not to include a glossary at this point. Instead you can use the search function to scan the document:

Windows & Ubuntu: Ctrl + F

Mac: CMD + F

Type the word or phrase you are looking for and press “Enter”. If the first result isn’t the one you’re looking for keep pressing “Enter” until you have found the result you are looking for.



Tip: Before entering the Find option on your computer, go to the part you want to examine first. If you want to search for theory on the specific term, first go to part C. If you want to search for tips on the specific term go to part T etc. The intelligent Find option will search for the nearest hits on the selected term so you will probably get the options in the desired part one by one by pressing “next” in the find box.


5. Last/next page


After clicking a hyperlink it’s often preferred to go back to the page you came from, or you might want to toggle between pages to compare things. Simply hitting backspace doesn’t work but there is a nice shortcut available:

Windows: Alt + <Left arrow> ; Alt + Right arrow>

Mac: CMD + <Left arrow> ; CMD + <Right arrow> (In Preview use CMD + [ or CMD + ])

Ubuntu: Alt + Shift + <Left arrow> ; Alt + Shift + <Right arrow>

6. Page up/page down


You can use the navigation buttons up and down on the border of the icon on the right side of the page. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard (Right arrow and Arrow down to go one page down, Left arrow and Arrow to go one page up).

In full screen mode you may also use your mouse buttons to navigate one page down or up by using left and right mouse buttons respectively.

7. Open page viewed last


If you want the pdf to open on the page last visited you can set it up to do so like this:

Adobe Reader Edit => Preferences (Ctrl + K, Mac press CMD + K) in Documents category check the first option: “Restore last view settings when reopening documents”

Mac - Preview: Open Preview by opening the .pdf file. Go to “Preview”, then “Preferences”, select the tab “PDF”, and change the third option asking “On opening documents” to “Start on the last viewed page.”

Ubuntu: Open the program by opening the .pdf, then Edit > Preferences > Documents > (check) Restore last view settings when reopening documents.

Start Studying Smart

  That's it! You should now be able to start enjoying your Skillz Products so happy drumming!! If something is wrong you can always hit the Emergency button under My Skillz.  

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