Quintuplets Layered Drumming - Ostinato/Melody

Looking for some exciting Quintuplets Layered Drumming patterns? Then this is a video for you. 

This is a rather challenging one. Ostinato/Melody playing requires a lot of layered coordination. I mean A LOT.

The transcription is down below. 

Counting Quintuplets


First let’s look at how to count this Quintuplets Layered Drumming pattern. We won’t be using a seemingly neutral five syllable word like Hippopotamus or something similar. Instead you’ll learn the two distinctly different ways of counting (feeling) the 3-2 and 2-3 Quintuplets. 

3-2 => 1jtnt2jtnt3jtnt4jtnt (pronounced as wah - yuh - tuh - nuh - tuh)

2-3 => 1tnjt2tnjt3tnjt3tnjt (pronounced as wah-tuh-nuh-yuh-tuh)

In this instance I feel the Quintuplet as a 3-2 pattern, so I'm counting 1jtnt.


I’ll explain why you want to use this way of counting and make a very clear distinction between the two in a video coming in the following weeks or months, along with many other videos on Quintuplet playing. 

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We divide the body in half, vertically so we get:


1. Left Side plays the pattern of 5

2. Right Side plays the pattern of 8

The Sticking Patterns


 These are the two Stickings we use:


1. Left Side 5C7 (Permutation #7 of the 5C sticking) starting on the LH: HFHHF

2. Right Side 3+2+3 starting on the RF bass drum: FHHFHFHH



Left Side:

H = Left Hand, F = Left Foot (Stepped Hi hat)

Right Side:

H = Right Hand, F = Right Foot (Bass Drum)

Transcription Quintuplets Layered Drumming


Here is the transcription for the YouTube Lesson about Quintuplets Layered Drumming.



The interesting thing about these types of layered grooves is that you have two distincy ways of feeling it.

Repetitive Ostinato/Melody playing has this schizophrenic/schizophonic character. If there is an elements of Cross Rhythm involved it will add an asymmetric aspect which will make it more exciting, and more apparent.

You can easily hear this Quintuplets Layered Drumming groove in either of these two ways:

1. As a 2/4 or 4/4 in 16th notes when you listen to the right side (the low end of the groove).

2. As a 2/4 or a 4/4 in Quintuplets if you listen to the left side (the high end of the groove).

Listen to it a couple of times an try to count along, you'll get it. And then the fun really starts: now you can listen to it the first time as being 16th notes and the second time (starts when I play the crash cymbal) as quintuplets. Or vice versa. YEAH!!!



The Form really depends on how you're hearing the pattern and if you want to take the resolution point as the focal point.


1. Feeling (counting) it as quintuplets means it will be a 2-bar phrase.

2. Feeling (counting) it as 16th notes means it will be a 5-bar phrase.


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Have some Quintuplet Fun!


Thanks for watching, I hope you get a lot out of this. Fun and progress! If you liked the video and the blog post, I’d like you to take the time to like it and share it among your drummer friends. 

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