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Always have the big picture at your disposal

Learn how all aspects of drumming and rhythm are connected. Grooves and fills, patterns and shapes, orchestrations and phrases. All will become apparant. While you learn how to play the drums even better!

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Eight Interactive Parts

Level 1 is divided into 8 parts which are all linked so they can be used interchangeably.

No need to buy eight books. They're all in here.


Almost 800 pages of grooves. Think you'll find anything useful in here? Roughly 12000 bars of grooves can be found in here. Better have too much than too little, right?

Bars of Grooves


Learn how to play fills in quintuplets Over 700 pages of fills in Level 1. That's over 10000 bars of fills. Surely you'll learn something, don't you think?

Bars of Fills


Try this, do that, and both These tips will show you what can be done with a little creativity. After practicing this a number of times it will become a part of your playing. From this point forward you will no longer be searching for more inspiration. Instead you'll be searching for more time to explore.


Never ever guess how you can prepare for anything ever again You will be prepared. Sub 5 will prepare you. If you can take it, Exercises will show you exactly what needs to be done to get over the hurdle in order to reach your next goal. It's there. You just need to use it.


All rhythmic theory divided into categories All twenty four Categories Of Rhythmic Elements can be used in quintuplet playing as well as any other subdivision. So while you're studying quintuplets you'll be vastly improving your theoretic Skillz at the same time.


Learning with a CORE System  Twenty four System and Formulas categories specifically written for quintuplet playing. This will not only get you playing. It will also get you thinking, feeling, imagining, constructing and improvising in quintuplets.


Learn how to play your favorite songs as soon as you start to play drums Click a link in the Audio part of Level 1 and your browser wil open the corresponding page in YouTube. You'll have a choice of songs to play along to while practicing specific grooves and/or fills.


Practice grooves, fills, form, technique, coordination or whatever at your tempo Click on a link in the MIDI part and the corresponding MIDI loop will open on our website. You get to decide what tempo, which instruments, and which mix you want to play along to.

What the pros of the pros say

This is what the teachers of the best drummers of today have to say about Level 1
“I wish you nothing but success with your new project. Continuing the tradition of expanding the drum universe is something that I hope never ends. Please accept my best wishes for your project.”
Gary Chaffee | Master drummer, educator, author.

Teacher of master drummers such as Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Smith, Dave DiCenso and many more

"I have closely examined the drumbook/encyclopaedia LEVEL 1, and I find it to be an exceptional work. It’s unique, clear and well thought out, and I highly recommend it to any drummer, looking for material from which to study."
Joel Rothman | World class drummer, educator, author

Author of more than 100 drum books.


Level 1 specific Frequently Asked Questions These are some specifical Frequently Asked Questions about Level 1. If you have a question about something else please refer to our main FAQ section where all are bundled.

What is Level 1?

Level 1 is an encyclopedia of drum lessons, rhythmic theory and systems to implement this. Level 1 provides the user with a bird’s eye view only very advanced students of rhythm would normally have.

How should I study from Level 1?

Basically you start at G1.1 and work your way down in a diagonal motion towards G9.20. There is no one way, only your way. However, we encourage you to view Level 1 as a 3D method as much as possible. 1. Left to Right (Chapters/Time feels) 2. Top to bottom (Paragraphs/Subjects) 3. Front to back (Parts/Grooves, Fills, Tips etc.)

Should I play every exercise in Level 1?

No you shouldn't. But you may. You decide the pace with which you move forward. Just remember that if you can't play something well there's a very good chance this is precisely what's keeping you from progressing more.

Should I start using parts C and S right away?

No. These will come into play naturally more and more. Parts C and S are a heavily compressed version of parts G, F, T and E. So the more advanced students get, the more they will feel inclined to study from parts C and S.

Why are there so many holes in the index of part A?

That's because we haven't been able to scan and find an appropriate song for every groove or fill in the book. Yet. All of our books will be updated so they will get better all the time. We won't rest till we can assign a specific audio track to every groove and every fill in Level 1.

Do I need to be able to read music?

No, you'll learn this as you go. Theory is not our main focus. It should never be. First there was music, then there was music notation. Not the other way around.

I feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of Level 1. What should I do?

First breathe in and out deeply a few times. Feel better? Good. Level 1 is meant as an encyclopedia of drumming and rhythm exercises. Who's to say what's the correct order, or how long it should take you to absorb all the knowledge inside? You decide. If you need help, you can send us a message or visit a local teacher. Or book private lessons here.

Should I play everything chronologically?

Absolutely not. There is an order because there had to be one. We hop around Level 1 with students all the time. It's about studying that which makes the most sense at this point.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely! You can download Level 1 Trial Version and start to use it right away. You only need to enter a valid email address which we will only use to notify you of any future Skillz news and/or updates. If you like the Trial Version you can purchase the whole package once you feel like it.

Why are there even more holes in the index of part M?

That's because we haven't had the time to develop specific MIDI tracks for every groove, fill, and CORE element. Yet. All of our books will be updated so they will get better all the time. We won't rest till we can assign a specific audio track to every groove and every fill in Level 1.
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