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Level 2 is the best way to further develop certain areas of your playing. Great to be used in conjunction with the Level 1 encyclopedia. But all additional books can be used individually as well.

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These Books/Courses are part of Level 2

The Premium Membership gives you access to all Level 1 and Level 2 Material

Sub 5

Grooving, Filling and Soloing in Quintuplets

Chapters 10 and 11

Here we explore the subdivision of five, better known as quintuplets. You not only learn how to feel quintuplets as a musical subdivision. Further improve your counting, phrasing, coordination, balance and other CORE elements while you're at it.

Double Bass #1, 2 and 3

Grooving, Filling and Soloing using Double Bass

Paragraph #21

Learn every important aspect of double bass drumming.

Improve coordination and stamina while expanding your vocabulary.

For the beginning, intermediate and advanced double bass drummer.

Brazilian Rhythms

Grooving, Filling and Soloing in Brazilian Rhythms

Brazilian Music has two very important learning aspects to offer for us as drummers and musicians.

1. Being awesome at making us feel good about life and giving usa lots of energy and courage to carry on this endless rhythmic journey.

2. Making us rhythmically and ultimately musically far more complete players.

Odd Time Signatures #1, 2 and 3

Grooving, Filling and Soloing in Odd Time Signatures

Learn how to count, think, feel, play, construct and improvise in any Time Signature.

Linear / melodic drumming #1, 2 and 3

Grooving melodically using the Linear Concept

Learn all about linear (melodic as opposed to harmonic/layered) drumming. You'll learn in a systematic, logical way so you really learn how to integrate the newly learned patterns and melodies into your playing right away.


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Jazz #1, 2 and 3

Grooving, Filling and Soloing in Swing Feel

This is all about getting the hang of swing drumming.

Ideal if you are a rock drummer wanting to acquaint yourself with new idiom, and work on your touch, sensitivity and improvisational Skillz.


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Level 2 specific Frequently Asked Questions

These are some specifical Frequently Asked Questions about Level 2. If you have a question about something else please refer to our main FAQ section where all are bundled.

Do I need to buy and study Level 1 first?

No you don't. All Level 2 publications can be used as stand alone learning material. But if you're serious about drumming and rhythm we recommend getting Level 1. This gives you the best structural overview of rhythm possible. As such it will save you an incredible amount of time. Don't try to reinvent the wheels of rhythm. Explore new territory with them.

Are the courses in Level 2 updated as well?

Yes, constantly. If we see reason to upgrade anything, we do so. Immediately. But if it ain't broken we don't try to fix it. We'll fix things which need fixing, or create more new material preferably.

Can I make suggestions for Level 2 books as well?

Yes please do! Go here and let us know how  you think we can make it better. Be sure to specify the exact location and problem you have. If you have a solution for it: great! If you don't, no problem, we'll figure it out. That's what we do.

Do I need to get a Premium Membership to study a Level 2 book?

No you don't. The material in the books by itself is more than enough to get you going. But if you want to get the most out of your practicing time we recommend it though. If you can afford it, you'll benefit from our 10000's hours of experience and research. So why wouldn't you?

Should I study volumes in Level 2 chronologically?

Absolutely not. This is up to your personal preference. If you like double bass drumming we suggest you get that particular volume a.s.a.p. If you don't we suggest you don't touch it with a 10 foot drumstick.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes and no. There currently is no Trial Premium Membership. BUT you can get it 100% risk free. If you don't like it just cancel within 30 days and you'll be refunded, no questions asked. And to thank you for your time, you get to keep the books. That's how much we value your time, and believe in our products.

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