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Lesson 1.1

You get access to all the parts of the first chapter (8th notes) and the first paragraph (Bass Drum on 1 and 3/Orchestration). (Click the link to enter directly)

L(esson) 1.1 - Overview which is divided into six parts:

  1. G(rooves)
  2. F(ills)
  3. T(ips)
  4. E(xercises)
  5. A(udio)
  6. M(IDI)

In the 3D Drumming System you'll also move horizontally between time feels and vertically between subjects. 

CORE and S

You also get access to the most basic elements of CORE. (Click the link to enter directly)

C01 - Setting Up - How to set up the kit so you're comfortable

C04 - Counting 8th notes - Learn how to count 8th notes

C07 - Grip - Matched Grip - Fulcrum Index Finger - This is the grip and fulcrum most drummers start with

C13 - Reading - 01 - Instrument Notation

C13 - Reading - 02 - Other common symbols


In the 3D Drumming System you'll get access to all 24 categories in parts C(ORE) and S(ystems and Formulas)

Free Drum Snacks

In this free "Course" you'll find the Free Drum Lessons presented on YouTube or on the Blog - as time permits.. 

 (Click the link to enter directly)

Free Drum Snacks


40 P.A.S. Rudiments

The 40 Essential or Standard Rudiments are a nice way to build out your vocabulary.

40 P.A.S Rudiments (Click the link to enter directly)

 As a Premium Member you'll get 200+ Additions and Variations in Rudiment Section 2, as well as the special Quintuplet Rudiment Section. Just imagine what this will do for your vocabulary..

Premium is an upgrade so you first wanna get our 3D Drumming System.

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Checked the Free stuff? Now imagine this times 180 of parts GFTEAM and the entire 24 CORE Principles and Systems to boot.

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And while it lasts, you also get the opportunity of a lifetime (literally!) after purchasing the book. This will spoil the surprise, but it involves all Premium material (Courses, Lessons, Rudiments, MIDI and such) at a ridiculous price for as long as you want it...