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Skillz Premium Includes the 3D Drumming System and Sub 5 Books and all Premium Video, Additional Lessons, MIDI and Rudiments


The Premium Membership is actually the 4D Drumming System: 3D applied to musical styles, the 4th dimension. As such Premium will teach you how to apply all you learn or have learned in the 3D Drumming System to musical styles.

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The 3D Drumming System and the accompanying Online Drum Lessons have given me all the structure I could possibly want to develop my drumming skillz. I've been playing for a little over two years and already I'm getting compliments from other musicians about my ability to play anything. I know I have a long way to go, but I'm confident Skillz Drum Lessons will get me there!

And it's nice to see my daughter who also play the drums enjoy the 3D and the Premium material. I can see her progressing quickly and having a blast playing the drums.

Anton | Skillz Drum Student

Business Operations Supervisor, RWE

3D Image of the Premium Membership by Skillz Drum Lessons

The Skillz Premium Membership will help you

Become the musical drummer you've always wanted to be

You'll learn how to be both proficient and believable in any musical style imaginable.

Learn how to combine and improvise on a Premium Level 

In Premium you'll learn to combine and improvise on a Premium Level. This means Grooving, Filling and Soloing but you also get courses on Groove Construction and Fill Construction.

Become as technically advanced as you want to be

You get access to Premium Rudiments with all of the Additions and Variations,


If you need anything you can't find it in Premium you get to ask me personally!!

The entire Sub 5 Quintuplet book and course is included for free!

30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Since the Premium Membership is a more in depth version of the 3D Drumming System it can only be purchased on top of 3D. Click the button below.

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