100% New Exiting Material

Sub 5

Grooving, Filling & Soloing in Quintuplets

You'll learn how to

- Play drums in this NEW EXCITING Subdivision of Quintuplets

- Improve all other subdivisions

- Refresh every word and piece of grammar in your rhythmic and musical vocabulary



to transform your drumming

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What the pros of the pros say

This is what the teachers of the best drummers of today have to say about Level 1

“I wish you nothing but success with your new project. Continuing the tradition of expanding the drum universe is something that I hope never ends. Please accept my best wishes for your project.”
Gary Chaffee | Master drummer, educator, author.

Teacher of master drummers such as Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Smith, Dave DiCenso and many more

"I have closely examined the drumbook/encyclopaedia LEVEL 1, and I find it to be an exceptional work. It’s unique, clear and well thought out, and I highly recommend it to any drummer, looking for material from which to study."
Joel Rothman | World class drummer, educator, author

Author of more than 100 drum books.