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Chapter 1

8th notes

Chapter 2

8th note triplets

Chapter 3

16th notes RRRR

Chapter 4

16th notes RLRL

Chapter 5

8th note ostinato 16th note melody

Chapter 6

8th note ostinato 16th note melody in 6/8

Chapter 7

8th note shuffle

Chapter 8

16th note shuffle R.LR.L

Chapter 9

8th note ostinato 16th note triplets melody

Paragraph 1

Bass on 1 and 3

Lesson 1.1

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Lesson 2.1

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Lesson 3.1

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Lesson 4.1

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Lesson 5.1

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Lesson 6.1

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Lesson 7.1

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Lesson 8.1

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Lesson 9.1

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