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The Ultimate Drummer's Guide

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Quick overview of the Ultimate Drummer's Workbook / Encyclopedia

Almost 2500 Pages

Level 1 is an interactive encyclopedia of drum lessons for all students of rhythm and drumming

Level 1 is the perfect resource for drummers who are serious about their craft.

The volume may seem daunting at first. But we've divided them into 8 parts to create a clear distinction.

Meet your new Swiss Army Knive.


This is where we lay the foundation of drumming. A drummer's primary goals are to keep good time, and to make time feel good. Period.


Here you will learn how to string grooves and sections in music together by using vocabulary. This is also the place you learn the chops and licks you see your heroes play.


We will show you how to spice things up and prepare you for improvisation from day one. By intelligently combining parts G and F with CORE and S we'll prepare you for many drum solos to come from day 1.


You'll see exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve your next goal. You'll do so as efficiently as possible so you can spend most of your playing time concentrating on grooving and playing music.


Rhythmic theory divided into 24 Categories Of Rhythmic Elements (CORE). You can't get all rhythmic theory to be more organized and concise than this. CORE can clarify all aspects of drumming and rhythm from day 1.


CORE Categories made applicable by turning them into Systems and Formulas. This is where you learn how to implement all rhythmic theory. Working regularly out of Part S will subconsciously program all necessary systems into your playing.


Learn how to play to your favorite songs on YouTube with a simple click right away. Starting on day 1. Don't worry about playing the song perfectly right away. Learn how to sync your playing with the music first.


Practice to music at your tempo using our web based MIDI player. This gem allows you to play with a loop for as long as you want to. You'll develop good, solid time and you'll start improvising over a loop before you know it.


Level 1 specific Frequently Asked Questions

These are some specifical Frequently Asked Questions about Level 1. If you have a question about something else please refer to our main FAQ section where all are bundled.

What is Level 1?

Level 1 is an encyclopedia of drum lessons, rhythmic theory and systems to implement this. Level 1 provides the user with a bird’s eye view only very advanced students of rhythm would normally have.

How should I study from Level 1?

Basically you start at G1.1 and work your way down in a diagonal motion towards G9.20. There is no one way, only your way. However, we encourage you to view Level 1 as a 3D method as much as possible.

1. Left to Right (Chapters/Time feels)

2. Top to bottom (Paragraphs/Subjects)

3. Front to back (Parts/Grooves, Fills, Tips etc.)

Should I play every exercise in Level 1?

No you shouldn't. But you may. You decide the pace with which you move forward. Just remember that if you can't play something well there's a very good chance this is precisely what's keeping you from progressing more.

Should I start using parts C and S right away?

No. These will come into play naturally more and more. Parts C and S are a heavily compressed version of parts G, F, T and E. So the more advanced students get, the more they will feel inclined to study from parts C and S.

Why are there so many holes in the index of part A?

That's because we haven't been able to scan and find an appropriate song for every groove or fill in the book. Yet. All of our books will be updated so they will get better all the time. We won't rest till we can assign a specific audio track to every groove and every fill in Level 1.

Do I need to be able to read music?

No, you'll learn this as you go. Theory is not our main focus. It should never be. First there was music, then there was music notation. Not the other way around.

I feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of Level 1. What should I do?

First breathe in and out deeply a few times. Feel better? Good. Level 1 is meant as an encyclopedia of drumming and rhythm exercises. Who's to say what's the correct order, or how long it should take you to absorb all the knowledge inside? You decide. If you need help, you can send us a message or visit a local teacher.

Or book private lessons here.

Should I play everything chronologically?

Absolutely not. There is an order because there had to be one. We hop around Level 1 with students all the time. It's about studying that which makes the most sense at this point.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely! You can download Level 1 Trial Version and start to use it right away. You only need to enter a valid email address which we will only use to notify you of any future Skillz news and/or updates. If you like the Trial Version you can purchase the whole package once you feel like it.

Why are there even more holes in the index of part M?

That's because we haven't had the time to develop specific MIDI tracks for every groove, fill, and CORE element. Yet. All of our books will be updated so they will get better all the time. We won't rest till we can assign a specific audio track to every groove and every fill in Level 1.

What the pros of the pros say

This is what the teachers of the best drummers of today have to say about Level 1

“I wish you nothing but success with your new project. Continuing the tradition of expanding the drum universe is something that I hope never ends. Please accept my best wishes for your project.”
Gary Chaffee | Master drummer, educator, author.

Teacher of master drummers such as Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Smith, Dave DiCenso and many more

"I have closely examined the drumbook/encyclopaedia LEVEL 1, and I find it to be an exceptional work. It’s unique, clear and well thought out, and I highly recommend it to any drummer, looking for material from which to study."
Joel Rothman | World class drummer, educator, author

Author of more than 100 drum books.

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