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Level 1 Screenshots

Quick overview of the complete workbook encyclopedia for the modern drummer

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Quick overview of the book about Grooving, Filling and Soloing in Quintuplets

Almost 2500 Interactive Pages

Level 1 is an interactive encyclopedia of drum lessons for all students of rhythm and drumming

Level 1 is the perfect resource for drummers who are serious about their craft.

The volume may seem daunting at first. But we've divided them into 8 parts to create a clear distinction.


This is where we lay the foundation of drumming. A drummer's primary goals are to keep good time, and to make time feel good. Period.


Here you will learn how to string grooves and sections in music together by using vocabulary. This is also the place you learn the chops and licks you see your heroes play.


We will show you how to spice things up and prepare you for improvisation from day one. By intelligently combining parts G and F with CORE and S we'll prepare you for many drum solos to come from day 1.


You'll see exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve your next goal. You'll do so as efficiently as possible so you can spend most of your playing time concentrating on grooving and playing music.


Rhythmic theory divided into 24 Categories Of Rhythmic Elements (CORE). You can't get all rhythmic theory to be more organized and concise than this. CORE can clarify all aspects of drumming and rhythm from day 1.


CORE Categories made applicable by turning them into Systems and Formulas. This is where you learn how to implement all rhythmic theory. Working regularly out of Part S will subconsciously program all necessary systems into your playing.


Learn how to play to your favorite songs on YouTube with a simple click right away. Starting on day 1. Don't worry about playing the song perfectly right away. Learn how to sync your playing with the music first.


Practice to music at your tempo using our web based MIDI player. This gem allows you to play with a loop for as long as you want to. You'll develop good, solid time and you'll start improvising over a loop before you know it.

Almost 700 interactive Pages

Level 2 uses the identical lay-out used in Level 1 

You'll learn all about Quintuplets using this custom made digital, interactive pdf consisting of 8 parts.

The first and last you need on hte topic of Quintuplet Rhythms


You'll learn how to play grooves in quintuplets. There are rougly 3000 bars of grooves to choose from.


You'll learn how to play fills in quintuplets. You'll learn how to orchestrate and phrase them. But you'll aoslo learn how to come up with your own fill and solo ideas in quintuplets.


We will show you how to spice things up and prepare you for improvisation in quintuplets. You'll see the parallels between Level 1 and Sub 5 which will make you retain the information even faster.


Get the exercises you need to achieve your next goal. You'll see exactly what needs to be done when and how. So if you find yourself stuck at a certain exercise you simply go to the E part and see what needs to be done first.


24 Categories Of Rhythmic Elements which can be specifically applied to quintuplets. Only a few specific Quintuplet CORE categories have been added to Sub 5. This is where the Premium Membership comes in extra handy!


24 Categories of Systems and Formulas which are specifically designed for quintuplets. This really is the heart of the book. You will start learning and absorbing new information very quickly once you've got this down a little. 


These will have to wait a little while since there's not to much music in quintuplets.. Yet! I hope to be finding the time next year to put put my own music in Quintuplets. Finally I have to say, because I've written them in 2003...


Play quintuplet grooves and fills to music at your tempo using our web based MIDI player. Our MIDI player will make learning how to Groove, Fill and Solo in Quintuplets much, much easier.


Premium Membership specific Frequently Asked Questions

These are some specifical Frequently Asked Questions about our Premium Membership. If you have a question about something else please refer to our main FAQ section where all are bundled.

What is the Premium Membership?

The Premium membership is our Deluxe Package for drummers who want to give themselves the very best. Basically this deal is for people who would rather save time than money.

Why do you also call the Premium Membership the Super Deal #2?

That's because we first intended to launch the Books and the Online Drum Lessons separately as well. That would mean that you get a huge disdcount on the Memberships as they are now. Hence the term Super Deals #1 and #2. We will probably revert back to this system in the near future so grab it while it's there.

Do I have to be an advanced student?

No, you do not. If can spare the money Premium is the way to go regardless of your playing level. But if you're advanced you'll benefit even more from the huge amount of material included in the Premium Membership.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely! You can download Level 1 Trial Version and start to use it right away. You only need to enter a valid email address which we will only use to notify you of any future Skillz news and/or updates. If you like the Trial Version you can purchase the whole package once you feel like it.

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This is what the teachers of the best drummers of today have to say about Level 1

“I wish you nothing but success with your new project. Continuing the tradition of expanding the drum universe is something that I hope never ends. Please accept my best wishes for your project.”
Gary Chaffee | Master drummer, educator, author.

Teacher of master drummers such as Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Smith, Dave DiCenso and many more

"I have closely examined the drumbook/encyclopaedia LEVEL 1, and I find it to be an exceptional work. It’s unique, clear and well thought out, and I highly recommend it to any drummer, looking for material from which to study."
Joel Rothman | World class drummer, educator, author

Author of more than 100 drum books.

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