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Drum Set Notation #2 - Dynamics

Dynamic Markings are really important in music notation. Let's dive in and learn some more music theory.

Make sure you know the Legend/Instrument Notation before you start working on these.


Below is a 3D Drumming System Excerpt:

C13.2.2 Reading - Legend - Notation #2 Dynamics

C13:                           Reading

Paragraph 2:            Legend

Section 2:                  Notation #2 Dynamics



We have a few ways we can notate changes in volume a.k.a. Dynamics.

1. Accents - A ‘Greater Than’ sign means we accent the note.

a. Drums or cymbals.
b. These can be notated above or underneath th  note.
c. Sometimes ^ is used to indicate a very
sharp accent.

2. Ghost Notes - Parentheses around a note usually mean we play a soft note a.k.a. Ghost Note.

a. Ghost Notes are often played on snare but can be played on any instrument.
b. Parentheses can also mean we don’t have to play something or only play it the Nth time, where N is the time we encounter this specific note.

3. Hairpins - Crescendo and decrescendo – dynamic signs implying an increase or decrease in volume (stick height) is required.



The note values are chosen randomly.

Note heads can be notated facing up or down.

For now this will suffice but if you want to learn more about these symbols or music notation in general I suggest you explore the subject using Google or Wiki.

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