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Drum Set Notation #3 - Other common symbols

Other common symbols in music notation include notes, rests, dotted notes and rests, ties, dynamic markings and some more. Let's dive in and learn some more music theory.

Make sure you know the Legend/Instrument Notation before you start working on these.


Below is a 3D Drumming System Excerpt:

C13.2.3 Reading - Legend - Notation #3 Common symbols

C13:                           Reading

Paragraph 2:            Legend

Section 3:                  Notation #3 Common symbols


Here’s a short list of the most common symbols you may encounter when reading charts of some sort.

If we want to have notes on 1..N..4. there are generally four different ways of notating this:

1a. 8th notes and 8th note rests – 8th note length and then silence where the rests are.

1b. Quarters and 8th notes – quarter note length and then silence where the rest is.

1c. Dotted quarter notes and a quarter note – no silence in between the notes. Dotted notes represent the note x 1.5. In the example a quarter note + 8th note (half of the quarter note).

1d. Quarters and 8th notes with ties – ties make a note longer; we play the first but not the note(s) which the tie(s) lead(s) to.

2. Start and end repeat signs. Sometimes just notated as a colon ( : ) at the front and the end of the intended section to repeat.



The note values are chosen randomly.

Note heads can be notated facing up or down.

For now this will suffice but if you want to learn more about these symbols or music notation in general I suggest you explore the subject using Google or Wiki.

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