Rudiment Section #20

40 P.A.S. Standard Rudiments

Rudiment #20


The Flam is a rudiment (#20 of the 40 P.A.S. certified essential or standard rudiments) which has one (accented) note and one (unaccented) note right in front of it called a grace note. The listener registers one very broad note. We only count the main note and in music notation the grace note has no note value.

The Flam is one of the rudiments with a phonetic name. This means that it's called a Flam because that's how it sounds. (This is called an onomatopoeia btw.) 

I like to call a Flam with accents in both hands a "Pra" because that's how it sounds to me.



Right (hand) Flam - RH plays the main note, LH plays the grace note in front

Left (hand) Flam - LH plays the main note, RH plays the grace note in front

We can play Flams repeatedly on one hand or alternating hands.

Rudiment #20





This exercise combines quarter and 8th note flams. There are a few stickings we should practice.

  1. Alternating Flams
  2. All RH Flams
  3. All LH Flams