Rudiment Section #24

40 P.A.S. Standard Rudiments

Rudiment #24

Flam Paradiddle

The Flam Paradiddle (#24 of the 40 P.A.S. certified essential or standard rudiments) is based on a Single Paradiddle with a grace note added to the first accented stroke. This is a hand-to-hand pattern which means it alternates between starting on the Right Hand and the Left Hand.

The Flam Paradiddle is sometimes referred to as the 'Flamadiddle'. I actually prefer calling it the Flamadiddle as it's phonetic and therefore logical and easier to remember.



lR l r r  rL r l l

Besides the rather obvious combination of a Flam and a Single Paradiddle also notice the Triple Stroke sticking because of the added grace note.

Trouble shooting

It's vital to get the dynamic level of this rudiment right. Start with a downstroke (D), then an upstroke (u) and three taps (t) of which the last one is the grace note of the Flam.

If you're experiencing difficulty executing this properly, first go practice the following rudiments some more:

  1. Flam
  2. Single Paradiddle
  3. Triple Stroke Roll






Rudiment #24

Flam Paradiddle




This is a nice Flam Paradiddle (Flamadiddle) and Flam Tap combination exercise. We play three Flamadiddles and two Flam Taps after which it alternates sides. 

These types of exercises are awesome! These are great for developing control over rudiments, both physically and musically. As a bonus you get to practice both sides equally. Not just from a physical point of view. It's even more beneficial to your playing from a coordination point of view.



1tnt2tnt etc.


1e&a2e&a etc.