Rudiment Section #30

40 P.A.S. Standard Rudiments

Rudiment #30

Flam Drag

The Flam Drag is a rudiment (#30 of the 40 P.A.S. certified essential or standard rudiments) which consists of a Flam and a Drag in a 6/8 time signature. This is a hand-to-hand pattern which means it alternates between starting on the Right Hand and the Left Hand.



lR . l l r . rL . r r l .

Notice how this is actually a permutated Five Stroke Roll in terms of the sticking.



1.ntm.2.ntm. (1.2n3.4.5n6.)


1.trippuhlet.2.trippuhlet. (1.2&3.4.5&6.)

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Rudiment #30

Flam Drag




Here we combine three Flam Drags with two Flams in 6/8. The Flams are played on the first and third note of beat four if you count them as 8th notes in 12/8. This reverses the hands and adds a little emphasis to its first obvious application: an embellishment to an 8th note shuffle.


Counting (for reasons of clarity in 12/8)





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