Rudiment Section #1

40 P.A.S. Standard Rudiments

Rudiment #4

Multiple Bounce Roll

The Multiple Bounce Roll (#4 of the 40 P.A.S. certified essential or standard rudiments) a.k.a. Buzz Roll or Press Roll requires a different kind of grip than rolls based on Singles or Doubles do. We can use it in a multitude of ways to create a nice legato sound.




This depends on the tempo and the feel of the rhythm it's used in. If you would play quarter note buzz strokes in music which has a 16th note feel at tempo quarter note = 60 bpm you would probably count 16th notes.

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Rudiment #4

Multiple Bounce Roll




The first exercise is a quarter note and 8th note buzz stroke combination. Pay extra attention to the difference in pressure between the two different note rates. To keep the tempo nice an even I would suggest counting 16th notes at quarter note 60 bpm.



1...2...3.n.4.n. (in 4/4)


1...2...3.&.4.&. (in 4/4)


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