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We all have to practice our rudiments. But no one said it has to be boring. Let’s make it more interesting, shall we?


Publicly accessible


Free Members get one bonus exercise per rudiment

Official rudiments

The official 40 P.A.S. certified rudiments


Main Courses

Level 1 Members

Level 2 Members get many more applications

Additions and Variations

Altered versions of rudiments such as hybrid rudiments

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Rudiments on the Drums - Coming Soon

Rudiments and their variations orchestrated and implemented on the drum set

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Drum Set Rudiments - Coming Soon

Two, three and four way stickings we should consider drum set rudiments

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Premium Members and Sub 5 buyers

Quintuplet Rudiments

Skillz Drum Lessons presents the 40 Sub 5 Quintuplet Rudiments. Now you can practice your rudiments in a very fresh and unique way.

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