What makes our Online Drum Lessons different

Feature #1 - Save lots of time using our Ultra Short Video method

You get the best possible view of all the lessons in the shortest possible amount of time.

No long form video content with more talking than actual playing to score points with YouTube which costs you time.

I'll personally show you how to play something. You'll have the short description and the notes to follow along. If something needs to be said about the what, how, where, when and why you'll hear it. If not, practice what's being shown without asking too many questions right now. Trust me, they will all get answered, just not right now.

With our Online Drum Lessons you get better as quickly as possible. Doesn't this sound better than watching someone play something you'd like to?

Feature #3 - Gain perspective by studying the CORE and Systems of drumming

CORE stands for Categories Of Rhythmic Elements which forms the heart of the Skillz Drumming Method. Currently we have 24 categories which we use to create structure and clarity.

We believe these are omnipresent in everything we as drummers play, hear, think and feel.

All of our Books are based on this principle and so are our Online Lessons. The format of video just adds to the clarity between all the different parts in our method. This makes our online drum lessons at Skillz Drum Coach a perfect addition to your Skillz Drum Books.

Feature #5 - Get unlimited ideas from Rudiments of drumming

That's right. DRUMMING rudiments. Not just loads of two way linear patterns we've had to learn.

You'll get access to video, notes and description of all rudiments in the following categories.


#1 40 PAS Rudiments - The forty most commonly known rudiments certified by the Percussive Arts Society (P.A.S.)

#2 Additions and variations - Here we get more creative with the 40 PAS Rudiments. Who said practicing rudiments head to be boring?

#3 Rudiments on the drums - The 40 PAS Rudiments and its Additions and Variations applied to the drum set. Get a ton more ideas on how to apply rudiments to the kit.

#4 Drum set rudiments - As drummers we use not two but four limbs. This calls for a totally different approach to rudiments. That's why we introduce the Skillz Drum set Rudiments.

#5 Quintuplet Rudiments - If you want to experience something different why not try our Quintuplet Rudiments? If you buy Sub 5 you get access to its corresponding Online Drum Lessons, MIDI and Rudiments.


If you buy one of our Level 2 Books, you'll get one year of access to our additional specific rudiments for that particular subject.

You simply can't get more into detail about rudiments for drum set players than this.

The best Online Drum Lessons based on the material presented in Level 1 and Level 2.


Perspective of a pro

Our Online Drum Lessons are every bit as structured as our books are. They add a more practical quality to the material in the books. This is sort of a ninth part of the book tying it all together. All of this brings you the perspective you would normally have only after decades of playing.

Infinite possibilities

But we'll go further. You'll get the tools to combine things, play variations on things, and even make additions on existing material. This will give you infinite rhythmic and musical possibilities.

Keep it simple

The key of learning is to keep things as simple as possible. We will not bullshit you and say it's gonna be easy. Anything worthwile is gonna take a lot of effort. But we will help you through all the difficult moments by not making it any harder than it should be.

Learn how to improvise and create

New ideas will emerge from your better understanding of rhythm. So will your ability to improvise and be creative. This is the ultimate goal which can be reached by anyone, as long as the right material and the energy to study it is present.

Not clear? Hit the Panic Button

Anything not clear and you're stuck in a lesson? This means we have to explain it better to you, and possibly to others. Help us get better by hitting the Panic Button under "My SDL" and we'll get back to you a.s.a.p. This way you can help us get better and better. 

Now get the online lessons and the Books in one awesome deal


Level 1 specific Frequently Asked Questions

These are some specifical Frequently Asked Questions about Level 1. If you have a question about something else please refer to our main FAQ section where all are bundled.

How does the free trial work?

When you sign up you get a code in your email. This code allows you to download Level 1 Trial Version once. You can now enjoy using our MIDI-player and Free Lessons. We’ll keep you in the loop of future updates, additions and special offers.

How often do you release new content?

Daily if possible! Drumming, music and teaching are what we live for at Skillz. Not a day goes by without thinking about and developing new lessons. Since it’s all a proces of evolution we aim for uploading everything a.s.a.p. The sooner we upload, the sooner you can give us feedback.

Do I need a private instructor?

No you don’t. But you might benefit greatly from visiting one. It depends on your level of self analysis and introspection. A private instructor can give instant feedback as well as motivate you to get over the hurdles. But with our curriculum you certainly won’t need weekly private lessons. And you will gain an understanding of the big picture right away. So you will save money and loads of time no matter what.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes you can. If you decide to quit your membership you simply don’t pay again. If you want to stop your FREE membership you can opt out of the email list at any time. But the price you got when you enrolled may no longer apply if you decide to reapply.

What age groups do you support?

We welcome drummers of all ages. But it’s fair to say that the really young drummers won’t benefit as much from online drum learning. We therefore strongly encourage (young) children to seek the expertise and guidance of a respected local instructor. Don’t worry, we’ll see you in a few years!

What if I get stuck on a lesson?

If you do, we need to get better. You need to make us get better. We need to hear from you. We have our Emergency Contact Form button for cases like these. As soon as you become a paying member you get to use this button which will be under the "My Skillz" button. How's that for caring about your custmers?! Holy drumming emergencies Batman!
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Not quite sure yet?

That's perfectly fine. Just take another look at our books and see if it all is starting to make sense now.
Or create a FREE account. If you like the Level 1 Trial Version you can get the full version later. At least you'll be able to enjoy the basics and our MIDI player.