Why our Drum Books will work wonders for you

You want to use the digital format for a multitude of reasons

#1 Encyclopedia of rhythm

We can put an enormous amount of info into one document without it becoming impossible to navigate. In fact, navigating has never been easier and more convenient because of this format and our structure.

#2 The links make it super efficient

Granted, knowing where to find everything will take time. But you'll save a LOT more not having to flip through pages.

#3 Study whenever you want

You have too little time. We get it. Good news, you can take our books everywhere you go. Laptop, tablet, even a phone will do. This way you never leave the house without your drum lessons. Get studying done anywhere, whenever you have time.

Structure, perspective, and unlimited possibilities

#4 Add structure to your studying

Not knowing what to study next is simply a waste of time. But it has to be structuted if you don't want to waste time. That's exactly why we write books.

#5 Know where you're going

Perspective is relative. So if you know where you are and where you want to go, you have an idea of what still needs to be done in order to get there. Our books will give you this perspective. More importantly, they do so while offering infinite possibilities. 

#6  Unlimited possibilities

Our books are NOT about teaching you the lick of the week, or the "my favorite groove" nonsense. They stimulate you to think for yourself, come up with your own ideas and as such prepare you for improvisation and a world of creative freedom.

Level 1 - Trial Version

The Trial Version is a Free Sample of Level 1. You get all the functionality of Level 1 to see if it can be of help to you.

You'll get the first paragraph of everything. 

Online you'll also get access to our Free Membership including Lessons, MIDI and Rudiments.

Level 1 - Full Version

Would you like to have the same perspective your drummer/musician heroes have? Now you can!

Level 1 is the complete drumbook/encyclopedia for the modern drummer.

Whether you're a student or a teacher, you'll always have a rhythmic compass by your side from now on.

Do you want to know what's inside the almost 2500, interactive pages containing pdf document? Come take a look

Level 2

Level 2 consists of a number of add-on books designed to be used in conjunction with Level 1.

But they can be used as standalone books as well.

Level 2 offers books with subjects as Quintuplets, Linear/Melodic Drumming, Jazz, Double Bass, and Playing in Odd Time Signatures.

It's pretty safe to say there is a lot to choose from. And there will be more.. Come check it out!

Not quite sure yet?

No problem, you can first create a FREE account. If you like the Level 1 Trial Version you can get other stuff later.

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